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May 07, 2021, 04:30 PM

Reparations Librarianship: How Genealogical Research & Librarians Can Help America Do the Right Thing

A talk by Kai Forsley, MLIS
Senior Program Manager, Help a Mother Out

This talk will present a new idea for librarianship. The talk will explain how public libraries, specifically, can be allies in the African American quest for reparations from the United States government. There are many reparations task forces being convened across the country, and this talk will focus on how we can use library intelligence to partner with other city agencies to monetarily address a perpetual injustice.

It melds genealogy, information science, and information taxonomy in a succinct way to offer ideas that include processes and procedures for libraries becoming outposts for reparations' certification.

Though an untapped idea, it is one that if carried to fruition, will definitely "liberate" many aspects of American life. At best, it can work to help African Americans prepare for monetary reparations by tracing their lineage; at better, there will be a long-standing new type of librarianship that will allow African Americans to actually gain monetary compensation for enslaved ancestors.

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