I want to register a bunch of people!

That’s awesome! Please email us at info@urbanlibrariansunite.org for orders of over 10 tickets. For under 10 tickets it’s best to use the incognito window to order them one at a time, closing the window and reopening it between transactions.

What’s the “Lobby”?

YES! We are super excited about this! The Lobby is a room in wonder.me where conference participants can hang out, run into friends and total strangers and video or text chat with each other! Wonder.me uses spatial proximity to recreate the experience of an in person gathering. As you move your circle around the space, you can move it closer to other participants and talk to them, or meet out exhibitors in their booths!

When is the Lobby open?

The lobby will be open for the entirety of the conference from 9:30 - 4:30.

I missed a session! Can I watch a recording later?

In order to facilitate spontaneous and open conversations among our colleagues we will not be recording conference sessions for later viewing. We do hope to be able to share powerpoints from the presenters where applicable.

Is closed captioning available?

All sessions will be captioned using the Zoom auto captioning service from otter.ai. For any accessibility needs not met by that service, please email us at info@urbanlibrariansunite.org so we can discuss ways to meet your needs so you can fully participate in the conference.

Do you have a code of conduct?

Oh heck yeah we do! All Urban Librarians Unite events, whether in person or online are covered by our Code of Conduct and Anti Harrassment Policy. Each session will have several volunteers as co hosts with their role in their Zoom name, ie “Host” “Q&A” or “Bouncer” please feel free to send any of them a private chat if you need assistance.

Depending on the severity of the Code of Conduct violation, a participant may be given a warning, removed from a session, removed from the entire event with no refund, or banned from future Urban Librarians Unite events at the organizers’ discretion.